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2024 Door County Fair – August 14-18


Mark your calendars … future Fair dates:

  • 2024 DOOR COUNTY FAIR – AUGUST 14-18

  • 2025 DOOR COUNTY FAIR – AUGUST 13-17

  • 2026 DOOR COUNTY FAIR – AUGUST 12-16

    • Questions? Call 920-746-7126 … leave a message and someone will call you back!
      Door County Fair Secretary, Hilary Heard:  secretary@doorcountyfair.com



  • Completed for 2024


  • January 6 – BEEF WEIGH-IN, 9:30-10:30 am, Door County Fair Park  completed

  • April 6 – HOG WEIGH-IN, 8:00-10:00 am, Door County Fair Park

  • May 4 – LAMBS & MEAT GOATS WEIGH-IN, 8:00-9:00 am, Door County Fair Park

  • August 15 – SMALL ANIMAL WEIGH-IN, 1:00-5:00 pm, Door County Fair Park

  • August 17 – QMAS AUCTION at the Door County Fair, Door County Fair Park

2023-2024 PROGRAMS & EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCES   Programming Booklet


Door County 4-H Financial Forms

By-Laws Door County 4-H 2023

Volunteer Types For Adult Volunteers

4-H has provided Volunteer Role Descriptions to all adult volunteers.  This is necessary to comply with policies concerning volunteers and state liability insurance coverage.  All adults will need to select a club and volunteer type in 4HOnline.  The choices for club volunteer type are:

Volunteers can only choose one so the most relevant role needs to be selected.  Volunteers will not be associated with a specific club!
Project Leaders still need to select a project and volunteer type on the project selection screen.  



HIGH RISK Injuries/Incidents

A high-risk incident poses a serious risk to an Extension Volunteer(s), Extension Program Participant(s), or third party. Examples of High Risk Injuries/Incidents include:

  • Injury of employee, volunteer, participant, or third party that requires professional medical attention.A threat of serious harm to self or others.
  • Anything requiring intervention by police (e.g. missing child, safety concerns).
  • Hazardous materials exposure or spills.
  • Termination or withdrawal of a volunteer, participant, or third party with potential intersections with civil rights, e.g. concerns regarding discrimination.
  • Critical staff errors, such as incorrect administration of medication, or an injury caused by a staff person.
  • Concerns for possible claims of negligence or liability.
  • Vehicle accidents with personally-owned or rental vehicles on official UW business.

IMPORTANT: The report must be filed within 48 hours of the incident.


LOW RISK Injuries/Incidents

LOW RISK Injuries/Incidents typically DO NOT need to be submitted. A “low risk” incident is one where the impact to an Extension Volunteer(s), Extension Program Participant(s), or third party is both minor and temporary. Low-risk incidents typically do not require a report to the Office of Risk Management. Examples of Low Risk Injuries/Incidents include:

  • Minor injuries e.g. scrapes or bumps to the body that do not require medical attention beyond basic first aid.
  • Non-communicable illnesses that result in a volunteer, program participant, or third party needing to sit out of an activity or to be sent home.
  • Behavioral problems, or verbal conflicts between participants, parents, or volunteers that necessitate staff or volunteer intervention.
  • Other incidents at the discretion of the Extension Employee that do not rise to the level of a high-risk incident.

Note: There is some grey area within these examples that will require an employee to use professional judgement. When in doubt, treat an incident as “high risk.”

To download an injury/incident report:  Volunteer Accident/Injury Report – Wisconsin 4-H


YQCA – Youth for the Quality Care of Animals  YQCA website …




Looking for a fun and easy craft to make?  4-H has a simple lesson to help you create Pop-Up Greeting cards that you can send! Click on the link above to learn how to make these simple yet thoughtful cards for friends and loved ones!

Door County Fair Website








Barn Quilts of Door County Location Guide  pdf icon




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Candis Dart
4-H Program Educator
UW-Madison Division of Extension Door County
(920) 746-2265