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4-H Pledge

I pledge….
my Head to clearer thinking,
my Heart to greater loyalty,
my Hands to larger service,
my Health to better living.
For my Club, my community, my country, and my world.

4-H logo

Turning ideas into action, 4-H youth are becoming everyday heroes who perservere through challenges to leave lasting, positive impacts on their communities.  Through the work of caring mentors, 4-H – a positive youth development organization – is cultivating a growing number of America’s youth to lead us in a Revolution of Responsibility.  Their commitment challenges us all to join the movement toward meaningful change.   

Visit these sites to learn more:

  • http://www.4-h.org/  — National 4-H Council —  the national, private-sector partner of 4-H.  Great resources for promoting 4-H and a national fundraising partner — your one-stop shop for 4-H Web sites.

  • Wisconsin 4-H — Wisconsin 4-H Youth Development site.

  • Shop 4-H  —  a resources for products that are 4-H!  This website features apparel, office supplies, pins, awards, and anything with the 4-H logo for sale!

  • UW-Madison Division of Extension — all about Extension

  • http://www.wistatefair.com — Wisconsin State Fair link