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Accelerated Calf Feeding Program —  YouTube Link



Heart of the Farm – Women in Agriculture Summer ‘Coffee Chats’ Series

  • Summer online ‘Coffee Chats’ series – Monday, June 14th, 10 a.m.–11 a.m. through August 2021 and again from November 2021-March 2022.

The Heart of the Farm-Women in Agriculture program addresses the needs of farm women by providing education on farm business topics, connecting them with agricultural resources and creating support networks.

There is no charge for attending the series but you must register at:  Once registered, you will receive an email confirmation containing information about joining the meeting. Registered participants will only need the meeting website link or phone number to participate.

‘Coffee Chat’ Series:

  • June 14, 2021, Weber’s Farm Store, 6 Generations of Resiliency — Weber Farms is a 6th generation Wisconsin Century Farm located in Marshfield, WI, and since 1904 it has been delivering the finest, freshest dairy products from their Holstein cows for six decades. Weber’s Farm Store has been in operation since 1955 and now offers a full range of dairy products, from pasteurized milks and creams, to Kefir, ground beef, ice cream, local butter, and an extensive line of cheese. Joellen will share pieces of Weber Farms family history and their products. Speaker: Joellen (Weber) Heiman, manager Weber Farm Store.
  • July 12, 2021, Traditions – Today and Tomorrow — “Traditions are the cement that keeps families together and helps you withstand the storms that come.” Join us for a lively discussion on the importance of traditions in one’s family and workplace. Traditions can build a strong base of resiliency as we emerge from Covid-19. We will help you explore which traditions are worth keeping and which ones you might start in the future. Speakers: Nancy Vance and Karen Dickrell, Human Development and Relationship Educators, UW-Madison Division of Extension.
  • August 9, 2021, Dinner Conversations — Now more than ever, it is important to focus on eating together as a family. Research has shown us how important family meals are and there are significant studies that reinforce the benefits of mealtimes together. They also foster emotional balance by increasing things like self-esteem, a sense of wellbeing, and stronger family relationships. Join us as we discuss ideas for starting dinner conversations that nourish the spirit, brain, and health of everyone at the table. Speakers: Nancy Vance and Jackie Carattini, Human Development and Relationship Educators, UW-Madison Division of Extension.

For more information on the ‘Coffee Chats’ series or the Heart of the Farm Program, please visit the Heart of the Farm website:, call your local UW-Madison Division of Extension County office, or contact Jenny Vanderlin,, 608-263-7795.

The Heart of the Farm ‘Coffee Chat’ series is supported and funded by Center for Dairy Profitability, UW-Madison, Division of Extension and partially funded by a Green Stone Farm Credit.


Determining the Value of Standing Alfalfa in 2021

Written by Kevin Jarek – UW-Madison, Division of Extension, Crops and Soils Agent – Outagamie County

The “fair” value of any given alfalfa stand can vary tremendously. The absence of daily quotes as compared to other agricultural commodities (grains) requires us to rely on the most recent hay market prices available at

Read more of the report here:  Determining the Value of Standing Alfalfa in 2021



FREE fillable rental arrangement forms for your farm. Written, reviewed, and edited by members of the North Central Farm Management Extension Committee (NCFMEC).

2020 Door-Kewaunee Land Rent Survey Fact Sheet

Custom Rate Guide




Five Minute Farm Focus videos

The Five Minute Farm Focus series is a collection of videos recorded at local farms in northeast Wisconsin. Dairy farms are a complex network of management decisions that involve multiple people, tools, and practices. The videos focus on one management aspect of a farm that improves the health and well-being of the dairy herd. Each video is approximately five to six minutes long, but they vary in length. The inaugural video features socially stable calving pens at Junion Homestead Farm near Casco. Click the link below to watch the video.


Heat Stress and the Often-Forgotten Heifers

Heat stress occurs when cows generate and absorb more heat than they can get rid of through respiration, sweating, and from wind or fans blowing air on them. As humans, it can be difficult for us to understand the heat stress thresholds of cattle because we do not weigh 1500 pounds or have a leather hide that we wear around 24/7. Dairy cows are extremely sensitive to heat and begin experiencing heat stress at just 65 to 68°F.  Read more.



Watch these recorded webinars to learn the most up-to-date information on topics from dairy and livestock production to farm management resources.



SOYBEANS AND SOIL HEALTH   more information




Intended for persons requiring certification or re-certification in order to apply restricted-use pesticides.  A private applicator is a person applying pesticides to produce an agricultural product (including forestry, nursery or greenhouse) on land owned or rented by the person or the person’s employer. Required for private applicators who apply restricted use pesticides. Examples of private applicators include a farmer applying pesticides to his crops on his owned or rented land or an employee of that farmer doing the same; greenhouse or nursery workers making pesticide applications on the land or in the greenhouses of their employer.

UPDATE — 11/30/20

Due to COVID-19, the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) is extending current pesticide applicator certifications until December 31, 2021. Private and commercial pesticide applicators with certifications that expire January 31, 2020-November 30, 2021, can continue to operate as a certified pesticide applicator until December 31, 2021.
If you are not sure when your certification expires, please call or visit this website.

If you live in Door County and have questions, call 920-746-2260.


Pesticide Applicator Training (PAT)

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) has announced that the State of Wisconsin will be giving certification extensions for those certifications that have expired.  Private and commercial pesticide applicators with certifications that expire January 31, 2020-November 30, 2021, can continue to operate as a certified pesticide applicator until December 31, 2021.

This extension will expire on December 31, 2021.

This includes private applicators and the commercial applicators who received the temporary certifications with T numbers.  Those who have already tested in-person with DATCP – DO NOT have to test again.  See DATCP’s official response.  [ Link  ]


Testing Options for Private Applicator Pesticide Certification

New Applicators and those Seeking New Categories

♦  An online test will be made available for applicators seeking new certifications and/or new categories.  This online test will provide a TEMPORARY CERTIFICATION that will expire on December 31, 2021.

♦  Private applicators may still TEST in-person at the Extension Door County office. The in-person testing will qualify for a full FIVE-YEAR CERTIFICATION. Must call ahead to schedule a time!

Some information about the ONLINE TEST:

  • To register for an online test, go to the UW PAT Store.  Select the category you want to get certified in.  If a test is available, it will be posted with a link to register.  Private Applicators scroll down to “Private Applicator Training” and select the category you need.
  • Multiple applicators cannot be registered under one email address.  Email addresses are the new electronic identifier; they must be unique to the individual.
  • Applicators will have to select a time slot to take the test when registering. Tests can be taken at any time in the time slot selected.
  • Once registered, applicators will receive an email with a simple link and password a day or two before the time slot starts.  Links work only once.
  • Scores will be provided at the completion of the test.  Credentials will be emailed out to the email address entered in the test after the time slot has expired.
  • You will have to enter your 6-digit PAT Number (comes with training materials) into the registration and test, but you will also have to enter your certification number if you have one.  If you do not have a certification number, you must either call DATCP (608-224-4548) or mail in this form to provide your SSN before credentials can be sent.
  • Retakes will have to register for the next time slot.  Four attempts will be accepted by DATCP.
  • Registering with an incorrect email or deleting the invitation email may mean registration in the next time slot.

For a full FIVE-YEAR CERTIFICATION, you will need to take the exam in person at an Extension office, or for TEMPORARY CERTIFCATION you may test online at the PAT Store.


Online Training Option for Private Applicator Pesticide Certification

Extension Door County will not be offering in-person training in 2021.

If you plan on using restricted use pesticides in your fields, you must be certified in Wisconsin.

Farmers needing certification to apply pesticides in 2021 will have an online option for their pesticide safety training. Applicators can do the online training instead of attending an in-person training. There will not be an in-person training scheduled at Door County. Attending this online training from the comfort of your home will be like going to a training session in person. You will need a computer and good internet connection. The online training will present the same information as the County Extension in-person training.

Online training or self-study is the only option available at Door County at this time.

  • Participant still must purchase the manual, or have previously purchased this manual: General Farming Manual, Private Category 100/101, Eighth Edition.
  • Attending in-person or online training is not mandatory, there is always the self-study option.
  • The online training option cost is $10.00.


For a full FIVE-YEAR CERTIFICATION, you will need to take the exam in person at an Extension office, or for TEMPORARY CERTIFCATION you may test online at the PAT Store.

The online training sessions are scheduled for the first two weeks of every month from December 2020 to May 2021 (the 1st to the 14th of the month). When you register for one of the sessions, you can take the training at any time during that two-week period. Please block approximately 4 hours to complete the training.  Attendance is mandatory, meaning once you start the training you will have to complete it in one session. Two 15-minute breaks are built into the training.

    •  Select General Farming 100/101.
    •  Online training cost is $10.00.
  • Participant will be emailed a link and password to the training to gain access to the training.
  • To assure attendance, code words are provided in the training that you must enter at the end to be marked as complete.

Once you complete the online training you will be emailed a receipt of completion that you must show to the County Extension exam proctor when you take the exam. The code words must be correct to take advantage of the reduced grade (50% passing score), otherwise you will be marked as a self-study test (70% passing score). Certification exams will take place at the Extension Door County office.

  • Cell phones must be turned off during testingso please bring a pocket calculator for the exam.

**Wisconsin now requires that any person taking a certification exam must provide positive identification (a driver’s license is most common) and know their social security number.  You must bring this identification to the testing.  Other acceptable forms of ID are: 

  1. A photo ID
  2. Birth Certificate plus another form of ID
  3. Social Security Number

If you have questions, please call the Extension Door County office at 920-746-2260.

To take the online training, participants will have to register at the UW PAT Store – ].  It will cost $10/participant.

  • Participants will have 14 days to access the course. From the 1st to the 14th of the month you select. December 2020, January 2021, February 2021, March 2021, April 2021, and May 2021. Participants can access it any time in that 2-week period.
  • Participants must complete the training from beginning to end.  Leaving during the training (excluding two 15-minute breaks) will be marked incomplete.  Block 4 hours to take the training.
  • There are code words in the training that the participant will have to enter at the end of the training to assure they were attending.
  • There are two 15-minute breaks.
  • At completion of training, participant will receive a receipt.  Print receiptParticipant must show this receipt to the exam proctor at the County Extension office as “attended a training”.
  • Identify the correct code words for the time frame/month you have registered.  The receipt will be dated and the three (3) code words will be different for each month.  If incorrect, then participant will be coded on the test as self-study.
  • Call Extension Door County at 920-746-2260 to schedule an exam time.

Please call the Extension office with any questions! Thank you.





Agriculture Works Hard for Door County   Read more … pdf icon





– Wisconsin Department of Ag, Trade & Consumer Protection — 


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