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  • Routine Analysis: $8 per sample. Includes pH, lime requirement, organic matter, phosphorus, potassium, and nutrient recommendations.
  • Optional ($ per sample)Calcium + Magnesium ($3) | Boron ($3) | Zinc ($3) | Manganese ($3) | Sulfur-Sulfate ($3)

Submission Form

Sampling and Submission Instructions




Private Applicator:  A person who applies pesticide to produce an agricultural commodity AND pesticides are applied on property that they own, rent or their employer owns or rents. If an applicator does not meet BOTH parts of the definition, they are considered commercial applicators.  Commercial Applicator:  Example – Lawn care company or County Highway employee.

Manual Fee:  $43 — must be purchased online at the UW PAT Store:   Scroll down to Private Applicator Training; then select “General Farming 100/101”.  A paper mail order form is available – mail order form a check must be mailed with this option.  


Pesticide Applicator Training

  • SELF-STUDYPurchase a manual on-line at the UW PAT Store.  Each person being trained must purchase a manual.  You then study the manual; when you are ready, contact the Extension office to schedule a date and time to take the test. You must get a 70% passing grade with this option.  Manuals must be purchased on-line from the PAT Store.

  • ON-LINE TRAININGPurchase a manual on-line at the UW PAT Store.  This online training can take the place of in-person training. From time of starting you will have 14 days to complete the training. Please keep the email with link to get back to the training if you leave it. Online training can be taken at any time. You will have access to training for 120 days of registration.  Once you have completed the training you will receive a Completion Receipt that you must show to the test proctor to be coded as attending a training. Register For Online Training

  • ON-LINE ZOOM TRAINING & EXAM – MARCH 28 at the Door County Government Center Peninsula Room, Sturgeon Bay – FEE: $10/person

Remember … After completing the on-line training or self-study, you must TEST IN-PERSON at the Door County Extension office. You must call ahead to schedule a time to take the test!  920-746-2260.  With a passing grade, you will receive a 5-year certification.

  • What to bring on test day:
    • Wisconsin requires that any person taking a certification exam must provide positive identification (a driver’s license) and know their social security number.  Other acceptable forms of ID are: a photo ID, a Birth Certificate plus another form of ID, and your Social Security Number.
    • Your manual with the registration form in the front of the book (will be collected on the day of your test). If you have a “Completion Receipt” from the on-line training, bring that, also.
    • A pocket calculator for the exam, if you think you will need one. Cell phones are not allowed during testing!
    • If you have questions, please call the Extension Door County office at 920-746-2260.


2024 Century Farm or Home Application    

More information and application …

2024 Sesquicentennial Farm or Home Application

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Many dairy farms hire employees to care for their animals and to manage farm operations. These employees must possess the expertise required to proficiently handle the diverse tasks inherent in dairy operations. However, a significant number of these workers lack adequate training or experience in this domain.

Addressing this crucial need, the UW-Madison Division of Extension Dairy Program built the “Dairy Workers Training Modules.” These modules were specifically tailored to equip dairy workers with the essential skills for optimizing their performance on the farm. Presently, two modules have been successfully developed: “Milking Skills” and “Reproductive Skills,” both of which aim to enhance and refine the capabilities of dairy workers.

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Childcare and Farm Survey

Farmers, ranchers, and their partners raising children wanted! Researchers are looking for primary caregivers of children under 18 to participate in an online survey about how they are juggling children and work. Full and part-time farmers and ranchers are welcome to participate and may choose to enter a raffle to win one of fifty $50 checks. For questions or to request a paper survey, contact Florence Becot at 715-389-9379 or To fill out the online survey, visit this link:



Extension Farm Management Friday webinars

Join University of Wisconsin-Madison Extension’s Farm Management Fridays webinars to learn about tools and strategies to build your farm business, and how to develop skills that cultivate a sense of peace and well-being.

Farm Management Fridays webinars are a part of Extension’s Farm Ready Research winter programming for farmers and ag professionals to improve business profitability and lifestyles through informed decision-making. There is no charge to participate in the sessions, but pre-registration is required to allow access to the session. Register online at



FREE fillable rental arrangement forms for your farm. Written, reviewed, and edited by members of the North Central Farm Management Extension Committee (NCFMEC).

2020 Door-Kewaunee Land Rent Survey Fact Sheet

Custom Rate Guide



Five Minute Farm Focus videos

Link to videos on the Kewaunee Extension Agriculture website



Take a look at calf housing to determine what calves need to stay healthy during cold weather months.   Read more.


Mastitis Management:  Don’t Forget Your Heifers!  

Dairy heifers represent a major investment in a dairy herd’s future genetics, production, and financial welfare. Prevention and treatment of mastitis in all ages of heifers is crucial to your farm’s future profitability. Many times, heifers are forgotten on the farm. They live away from the main farm where they are not cleaned and bedded as often as the milking herd. This can cause huge mastitis issues when they become a productive member of the milking string.  Read more.


Agriculture Works Hard for Door County   Read more … pdf icon



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If you have any questions regarding Agriculture, Dairy, Soils and Crops in Door County, please contact: 

Aerica Bjurstrom
Dairy Educator – Regional (Brown, Door, Kewaunee)
Office located in Kewaunee County – (920) 388-7138

Chris Clark
Crops Educator – Regional (Brown, Door, Kewaunee)
Office located in Brown County – 715-850-2888