Fruit Crop Pest Report- July 29, 2019


A full report will resume next week.


Spotted wing drosophila pressure continues to be extremely high. Visit the Peninsular Agricultural Research Station’s website for trap catches:

Growers are advised to use a 4 to 7-day, full cover control, now through harvest. The most affordable and effective controls for SWD are Imidan and Mustang Maxx (among other pyrethroids). It is highly recommended that these controls be rotated for resistance management. For example, if Mustang Maxx is applied, the next application, 7 days later, should not be a Mustang Maxx or any other pyrethroid, but Imidan. This pest has short generations time (7-21 days) and by rotating classes regularly we avoid exposing consecutive generations to the same chemistry. (For other insecticides with good control for SWD, read MSU’s most recent SWD management guide, here). MSU has done some research looking at the rainfastness of different insecticides. The results can be found here:

NOTE: Please be aware of re-entry intervals (REI), especially for pick-your-own harvesting and Pre-Harvest Intervals (PHI). Mustang Maxx is still under a Section 24(c) Special Local Need label through the end of 2020, allowing for a 3 day PHI, FOR TART CHERRY ONLY (more info here).